Woolly Mammoths

Not quite my finest moment.

Remember, before I came out to Oklahoma, I was really excited about seeing buffalo? This was because, ahem, I thought they were…um…extinct.

Josh, realizing this needed to be addressed immediately upon my arrival last September, took me out to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It is HUGE, with over 59,000 acres of land. There are bison, elk, deer, wild hogs, a prairie dog town, longhorn cattle, not to mention tons of other animals just roaming around. You can drive through the refuge and, if you’re too enthusiastic for your own welfare, actually get out and touch one of the animals you’re that close. (I would definitely not recommend this course of action, as I myself was ferociously stared down by a furry-headed bison when I got too close in my excitement.)

There’s also Mt. Scott, which lots of people hike or bike, but you can also drive to the top if you’d rather. It’s beautiful.

Side note: Josh is clearly a crazy person.

So, I figured out why I thought buffalo/bison were extinct. I was confusing them with woolly mammoths. (Sometimes, I’m just not that bright despite what my mother used to tell me.)